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Copyright Registration With Tax and Services

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“Tax and Services” – your trusted destination for comprehensive legal solutions. At Tax and Services, we understand the intricate landscape of legal matters, and our mission is to simplify and streamline your experience with expert guidance.

Our specialized focus on copyright registration sets us apart as a dedicated resource for safeguarding your intellectual property. In an era where innovation and creativity thrive, protecting your original works is paramount. Whether you’re an artist, author, inventor, or entrepreneur, our legal experts are here to guide you through the nuances of copyright registration.

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Legal Protection and Deterrence

Copyright registration establishes a legal foundation for your creative works. In the event of infringement, having a registered copyright allows you to take legal action and seek damages. The mere presence of a registered copyright can act as a deterrent, discouraging potential infringers from exploiting your intellectual property.

Presumption of Ownership

The registered copyright serves as a prima facie evidence during the proceedings in the court of law and makes the case strong. There are also certain provisions under the copyright Act offering Infringement Protection.

Access to Statutory Damages and Attorney's Fees

Registered copyrights can significantly enhance the marketability and value of your creative works. The registration certificate serves as tangible proof of your rights, instilling confidence in potential buyers, investors, or licensees. This, in turn, can lead to more lucrative opportunities for monetizing your intellectual property.

Global Protection

With the global nature of intellectual property, copyright registration in your home country may not be sufficient. However, registration with the United States Copyright Office, for example, provides a basis for protection in other countries through international agreements. This ensures a broader scope of defense against infringement on an international scale.

Enhanced Marketability and Value

Copyright registration grants you the ability to seek statutory damages and attorney's fees in legal proceedings. This can be a powerful incentive for pursuing legal action, as it provides a more predictable and potentially higher financial recovery compared to non-registered copyrights.

Facilitates Licensing and Commercialization

Copyright registration simplifies the process of licensing your creative works to third parties. It provides a clear framework for negotiations and ensures that your rights as the copyright owner are protected during licensing agreements. This facilitates smoother commercialization and mutually beneficial collaborations.

Documents Required for Registration

ID and Address proof of the Applicant

If the work is published : 3 copies of the work

f the work is not published : 2 copies of work/graphical notes

Power of Attorney

Search Certificate from the trademark office : If the work is to be used on a product

NOC from author if author is different from applicant

NOC from publisher if work is published and publisher is different from applicant

NOC from a person whose photo is appearing in the work, if any

DD/IPO as per applicable work

Process of Registration of Copyright

Complete the Questionnaire

We will provide a questionnaire which is required to be filled by you in which we will sought the basic details and documents pertaining to the filing of reply for trademark objection.
Direction Arrows
Step 01

Requirement of Documents

Basic documents as stated in the above paragraph in accordance with the questionnaire provided are required along with an authorization letter which is to be signed by you. This process may take up to 1-2 working days.
Direction Arrows
Step 02

Application for Registration

Application will be prepared by us with the help of our experts and will be submitted to the Registrar of Copyright in the prescribed format and can be done either physically or electronically within 2 working days. The draft of the same will be shared by us through mail.
Direction Arrows
Step 03

Conduct Hearing

In case any objection is received by the Registrar. He shall conduct a hearing on the application of copyright and if no objections are received within the prescribed time of 30days, the scrutinizer will check the application for any disparity.
Direction Arrows
Step 04

Registration of Work

If no disparity occurs, the registration will be done and extract of the same shall be sent to the Registrar for entry. If any disparity occurs and on successful completion of hearing conducted by the Registrar the scrutinizer will again scrutinize the application and will give its decision.
Direction Arrows
Step 05

Why Register Your Copyright?

  1. Legal Protection: Copyright registration provides you with a legal basis for protecting your work. In the event of infringement, having a registered copyright strengthens your position in legal proceedings.

  2. Public Notice: Registering your copyright puts the public on notice that you are the owner of the work. This can act as a deterrent against unauthorized use and can be helpful in resolving disputes.

  3. Statutory Damages: In cases of infringement, having a registered copyright allows you to seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees. This provides a stronger incentive for potential infringers to respect your rights.

  4. International Protection: Copyright registration can be essential for obtaining protection for your work in international markets. Treaties and conventions exist to facilitate cross-border recognition of copyrights.

How We Can Help

At Tax and Services, we understand the importance of safeguarding your creative endeavors. Our team of legal experts is here to guide you through the copyright registration process, ensuring that your rights are fully protected.

  1. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our legal professionals to discuss your creative work and determine the best course of action for copyright protection.

  2. Documentation Assistance: We will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation for copyright registration, ensuring accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.

  3. Submission and Follow-Up: Our team will handle the submission of your copyright registration application and provide ongoing support, including tracking the status of your registration.

  4. Legal Advice: If you encounter any issues related to copyright infringement or disputes, our legal experts are here to provide advice and representation to safeguard your interests.

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