Health Insurance

Health Insurance

As we know that a good health is very important for every person in the world. A Healthy Person can do any work. There is also a common saying that ‘Health is Wealth’ which means our good health is our real money (wealth) that gives us good health and intuition and enables us to face all the challenges of life. So, one way to provide for health- related or medical emergencies is by taking Health Insurance.

Health Insurance is a type of Insurance that covers whole or a part of the cost of medical, surgical, and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured person. Health Insurance is a coverage that provides for the payments of benefits as a result of injury or sickness. This insurance includes insurance for losses from accident, medical expense, accidental death, disability and dismemberment.

The insured or the policy holder either has to pay such expenses out of his/her pocket and later reimbursed by the insurer or the Health insurance Company directly settles the bill with the hospital. Certain Health Insurance plans cover approx. 30 critical illness and over 80 surgical procedures. The Health Insurance Policy continues even after the benefit payment on selected illness. Health Insurance is most important for yourself and your family because medical costs and Medicare facilities are rising every year, especially in the private sector. With the help of Health Insurance, you are assured of a more secure future both health-wise and money-wise.

Benefits of Health Insurance Policy

There are many benefits of taking a Health Insurance policy. Some of the benefits of this policy are as follows:-

  • Cashless Treatment
  • Pre and Post hospitalization cost coverage
  • Medical checkup
  • Transportation Charges
  • Instant Claim settlement
  • No room rent restriction
  • Sum insured rebound
  • Fitness discount
  • Long term policy discount
  • Tax Benefit
  • Instant Policy assurance
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Types of Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance Policy in India are as follows:-

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Family Health Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan
  • Critical Illness and Surgery Insurance Plan
  • Maternity Health Insurance Plan
  • Personal Accident Plan
  • Unit Linked Health plan (This policy offers a unique combination of insurance and savings both at the same time).

Buying Health Insurance

Today, stressful life results in major health conditions, especially among Indians. There is lot of firms selling Health Insurance policy in India. But selecting one can become a difficult task. So, all you have to consider following things while buying a Health Insurance policy:-

  • Claim Process
  • Family Health Insurance
  • Selecting the right Insurance amount
  • Cashless Network of hospitals with the Insurance Company
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Charges
  • Lifetime Renewal
  • Free medical Check-up

Health Insurance Companies in India

Every Health Insurer have their different policy feature to cater to different needs of people .However, you will have to choose a Health Insurance policy after a proper research with a list of Providers. Some Insurance Companies of India are given below:-

  • New India Assurance
  • United India Assurance
  • Oriental Insurance
  • Max Bupa Health Insurance
  • Apollo Munich
  • Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited
  • Reliance Health Insurance
  • TATA AIG Health Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance