Shop & Office Insurance

Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance

Running a Shop or an Office is a great thing of pride. It can seem low risks compared to many other profession but Tax and Service understand that Shopkeeper face his own set of risks and challenges. To safeguard from this, Tax and Service provides you Shop Insurance policy which to meet your individual or business’ requirements.

Shop Insurance is a type of Insurance Policy which is designed to cover for a Shop’s property and its content within. In Shop insurance policy, Content refers to the primary items in a shop. At Tax and Service, Shop Insurance Covers for Accidental fire, Burglary, Natural calamities etc.

Small to medium sized shopkeepers work for day to day profit which means they do not have much margin in their business. It may become difficult for them to handle situation involving fire, burglary their shop and its contents. Therefore, to safeguard a shopkeeper against various risk related to their shop, a Shop Insurance Policy came into the picture. Shop Insurance policy protects the property and the business interests of the shop owner.

Shop Insurance Plan in India

Shop Insurance Policy plans available in India are:-

§  Fire Cover

§  Implosion/ Lightning Explosion

§  Aircraft damage cover

§  Machinery breakdown cover

§  Burglary Cover

§  Infidelity cover

§  Personal Accident cover

§  Malicious act, Riot and strike Cover

§  Cyclone, storm, Flood, Tornado, hurricane cover etc.

Types of Shop Insurance policy

Option1– Cover only Contents of Shop

Option2-Cover both Shop building and Contents of Shop

Option3Cover Building, Contents of shop and Valuables such as the Cash available in Shop Counter

Types of Shops Covered under the Shop Insurance Policy

List of Shops that covered under the shop Insurance Policy are as follows:-

·       Grocery and General Stores

·       Mobile and Other Electronics

·       Office and Educational Space

·       Food and Eatables

·       Manufacturing and Processing

·       Healthcare Service

·       Personal Lifestyle and fitness

·       Home Repair Services and Others

Benefits of Shop Insurance policy

At Tax and Service, the major benefits or advantages that one gets from Shop Insurance Policy are as follows:-

*     Money Protection

*     Liability Coverage

*     Protection of the Property

*     Cost-effective Plans

*     Coverage against Unforeseen circumstances

*     Coverage against Unexpected Losses

*     Peace of Mind

Office Insurance

Office Insurance

Owning an Office is a thing of great pride for every person. But it is also very important to protect your Office and yourself from any unforeseen events that can harm the functioning of your business. To safeguard from such type of risks, Tax and Services suggests their users for Office Insurance. One running their Office can opt for Office Insurance plan for protection and safety.

Office insurance is also a type of insurance that offers a comprehensive coverage for the risks associated with threats which impact operations of Office. Office Insurance Policy not only covers the property of Office, but also the loss of money or any cheating done by the employees of Office.

The Office Insurance Plan is usually offered as office package policy to cover all the risk of harm arising from various untoward incidents. A Package Policy of Office Insurance includes protection against the following:-

·       Damage to Insured Office property

·       Misuse of the Office Data

·       Financial risks caused by fire, burglary, machine breakdown etc.

·       Fixed items like kitchen units, sales counter, shelves, carpets, etc.

·       Legal liabilities of third party

·       Lightning damage and Explosions caused to sanitary items, safety appliances, housekeeping services, publicity tools etc.

·       Loss of the baggage of the partner, principal officer proprietor and an employee when he/she is on office tour

·       Owner’s personal accident

Eligibility Criteria for Office Insurance

The Office Insurance policy is available for Small, Medium and Large Scale Business Owners Who have Following:-

Ø  Government Offices

Ø  Commercial Offices

Ø  Software Development Offices

Ø  ITES and BPO call center

Ø  Manufacturing units and Warehouses

How Office Insurance Works and people can get best out of it?

It is very simple to get an Office Insurance. Tax and Services provides you easy process of buy and claim of Office Insurance Policy by following Points:-

§  The Policy Seeker of the Office Insurance Policy fills up an application form, giving all the details regarding the property for which the Insurance is required

§  Then the Insurance Company sends their surveyor to the Office premises to verify the condition

§  If the Insurance is available, the Company provides the Insurance Policy

§  After receiving Policy, the Insured gets a free look period within which the Policy can be changed or cancelled

§  The Insured person pays premium within time

§  In case any eventuality occurs, the Insured intimates the Insurance company about that

§  After that all the required documents are submitted to the Insurance Company

§  Surveyor of Insurance Company verifies all the details of claim

§  If the Claim is valid, the amount of Compensation is paid to the beneficiary

§  If the Claim is not valid and found false, the Insurance company rejects the Claim and informs the claimant about that

Advantages of Office Insurance Policy

It is very important that an Office Insurance Policy ensures the Owners of business and get sustainable growth in their business amidst various uncertainties and risks. Tax and Services always provides best services to their users. This Protection Policy also includes the following benefits:-

*     Coverage for damage of the fact that the machinery is working or is at rest

*     Coverage for damage to loss of machines, compressors, bulldozers and cranes

*     The policy also secures the business owner from the legal liabilities of workmen Compensation Act or Fatal Accidents Act